Fedoria – An Upcoming SMP Survival Server Focused Around the Player Experience

Fedoria – An upcoming SMP survival server focused around
the player experience, and one of the only to be a

Our most popular features,
– Fly for all Based on an earn-able fly-time system
– Now theres a reason to kill mobs! Earn per mob
– All usually Donator commands are now usable by all!
– Vote parties! with extra rewards for voting!
– An advanced GUI flea market for easy player selling/buying!
– NO AFK kick! NO Lag!
– MCMMO! 3x XP for the first week following release.
– Graves! Auto-placed chests that store your items upon death!
– Decor Heads! Over 18k+ Decorative heads to spruce up your build!
– Land Claim! Advanced easy to use land protection with custom flags!
– CATCH MOBS! Throw an egg just like a pokeball to catch mobs!
– CUSTOM PORTRAITS Use one of our 1000+ Images on maps to decor!
– DISCORD CHAT Chat with people in-game thru our Discord in live time!

IP: Fedoria.net