FallenCrescent – A New Modded Minecraft Server Community!

FallenCrescent is a new modded community we’re striving to create. Modded minecraft was introduced to me so many years ago and I would love to create a community that was as warm and inviting as it was back then. We aren’t in this for donations, we could keep the server up regardless, we’re going to change the narrative for how a community is ran and since this server is by players for players we’re going to ensure this happens. We welcome constructive criticism and player suggestions often so we may keep our server intriguing and new! Welcome to FCMC and come gang out with us and decide if we’re the server you’re looking for

IP: play.fallencrescent.com (hub)

IP: inf.fallencrescent.com (infinity evolved)

IP: rad.fallencrescent.com (rad)

IP: sb2.fallenscrescent.com (stoneblock 2)

Discord: https://discord.gg/gwMT27j

Website: https://www.fallencrescent.com/

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