Evergarden Network – A Java Spigot Network Featuring Towny and Creative

Evergarden Network

Server IP: play.evergardenmc.com
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/hqhZ5vV

Evergarden is a brand new Minecraft 1.16 server. Players can join with 1.16 and higher! Evergarden is a Java Spigot network featuring a Towny and Creative server. We offer a friendly community for everyone to enjoy. Our server is not paid to win and offers lots of exciting features. We are looking for players to make our server even greater! Feel free to join today with the IP: play.evergardenmc.com

Some helpful information about Evergarden:

💲 Money 💲

Selling: Players can sell items to our intuitive shop featuring easy to use signs that opens a GUI. Here at the shops, you can sell items such as cobblestone, wood, mining treasures, as well as food and other items.

Player Shops: Players can create their own chest shops to sell to other players. This involves the use of signs and a chest.

Auctions: Players can sell items to the auction house. Access this with /ah. Here items are listed for 6 days and act as a fast and easy way to sell items to players.

Buying: Players can use their money to buy items from the shop. Items include decorative blocks as well as basic blocks, mining treasures, and food.

Upgradable Commands: With money, you can purchase upgrades such has /enderchest, /craft, and even /fly. In order to buy these commands, you need to earn money.

Towns: Create wonderful towns or join existing towns. Towns are not expensive and allow everyone to enjoy the wonders of Towny. We are also generous with providing our players with lots of chunks for their towns.

📚 Skills 📚

MCMMO: Evergarden features MCMMO. With MCMMO, players can increase their skills and earn special abilities.

Abilities: Some abilities include mining, woodcutting, acrobatics, and excavation, as many more!

🌹 Unique Features 🌹

Custom Biomes: Evergarden features custom biomes. Our biomes are beautiful and allow players to enjoy their time exploring and looking for wonderful places to start their towns.

Resource World: With the beautiful biomes, a resource world is a must have. Players can warp to the resource world and gather resources to their heart’s content without having to worry about damaging the world. This world gets reset.

Head Database: This plugin allows players to purchase thousands of heads that serve as decorative blocks. These blocks are adorable and make decorating houses, towns, and anything you can imagine!

Sitting and Laying: This also allows players to make more immersive builds. Players can sit on the ground, stairs, slab, and even carpets. Players can also lay with /lay and sit on the ground with /sit. You can also toggle this with /sittoggle.

💖Creative Server 💖

Large Plots: Our creative plots are huge, meaning players don’t have to worry about losing space. This enables our players to let their imaginations run wild.

1.16: Newest version of Minecraft. Allowing players to have access to all of the building blocks and all of the fun imaginable.


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