EmpireCraft : Survival Multiplayer 1.15.2

IP: mc.playempirecraft.com

This is a relatively small community, a good way to get through this difficult time with the global pandemic by playing and building in survival with friends!

We do not allow griefing of other players creations, pvp is optional and by default is disabled. Players can randomly tp or walk from spawn to the main world when starting off. You are automatically ranked up based on the amount of achievements you complete in game. The higher the rank you are, the more land you are able to claim, more homes are able to be set, and cosmetic enhancements as well.

Staff members will rollback any griefing if reported within an appropriate time frame. Staff members will also help out any players in need, especially if they are new to the server and the game itself.

Player run, survival based economy with player shops. Aside from a starter kit of stone tools and limited food, everything else must come from the vanilla game! Players can create shops to sell their items, using diamonds as the currency.

Dynmap is available for all players to see a live of the world, including the landscape and player locations. We have weekly events, such as a build competition!

World is relatively fresh, with the server only opening just over a week ago.

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