Eltrea – A Fun and Unique Survival Minecraft Server

A fun little community server where we aim to share our love for survival! We’re brand new, join us today!

No one wants to read a wall of text about anything, so here’s a list of
reasons for why you should consider Eltrea to be your next survival home!

↠ Custom built spawn (by me and my team!)
↠ Beautiful custom world and /resource world
↠ No lag and stable performance
↠ Server and player-run economy
↠ Intuitive /towns system
↠ Vote and Event crates (no pay-to-win nonsense!)
↠ Crate armour sets and custom enchantments
↠ Land claims and claimblocks
↠ Custom /rankup system (with in-game money!)
↠ RandomTeleportation (/rtp)
↠ The staple /home’s, /back and /warp’s
↠ Player vault storage (/pv)

… the list goes on!

IP: eltrea.com

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