EggMC – A Server that Breaks the Limits of Vanilla Minecraft

EggMC is a 1.15.2 Java Edition Minecraft server hosted in Finland, created at the end of 2019 that breaks the limits of Vanilla Minecraft while keeping intact the core gameplay that we all know and love. The entirety of the expansive map (40,000 x 40,000) is pre-generated using a custom generator, offering a variety of biomes, landscapes and features. This includes things like red-sand deserts, tall mountains, rough cliffs and even volcanoes.

Another feature that sets the server apart from Vanilla Minecraft is that most enchantments can be combined beyond their normal limitations up to level 10. This enables players to create more powerful versions of the usual end-game tools, with some additional possibilities opening up from pushing specific enchantments like Quick Charge on crossbows beyond their limits.

Speaking of enchantments, there are also a range of custom enchantments available that enable further customization of gear. For example you could put Speed on your boots to move faster or Inquisitive on your sword to get more XP from mob kills. More custom enchants are added as time goes on.

EggMC has all the plugins you would expect an Enhanced Vanilla server to have, allowing players to set homes, to /tpa to others or use McMMO and all the associated benefits. Perhaps most importantly, players can protect their builds using claimblocks. At this point it would probably be good to say that the server is entirely PvE, griefing is forbidden and PvP is disabled. However there is an arena where players can fight each other to test their skills.

The spawn is built by the server’s own excellent build team and offers several admin shops that sell basic building resources. Money can be earned by selling various items gained through mining, farming or fishing. Aside from the admin shops there are plenty of other opportunities to spend money in the form of player-run chestshops, which can be accessed via player warps. There is also an auction house intended for selling single, high-value items.

EggMC features a rank system consisting of 16 ranks (not counting staff) that players can progress though. Players start off as Newcomers, as they rank up they are given various rewards like additional claimblocks, more /sethome or player warp slots or things like Bee spawn eggs. At the end of the rank ladder is Angel, which unlocks the ability to fly. These ranks are bought using in-game currency excpusively.

From time to time there are special events that offer changes from the usual gameplay, for instance around Easter 2020 a hide-and-seek event was held. If a member of the community puts in some work and organizes an event themselves, staff is happy to announce and endorse it, with recent examples being a boat racetrack and a high-skill elytra course.

Last but very certainly not least, the server is moderated by an active staff team, always looking to keep the server a friendly and cheater-free place.

There is also an associated Discord server for the community, it is also where you can suggest ideas to staff. If this didn’t entirely convince you, feel free to join the server and have a look for yourself.


Compact Server Information:

Minecraft Java Edition 1.15.2



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