DragonRiders – A Cool and Fun Skyblock Survival Server with Custom Features

Dragon Riders is a cool and fun skyblock and survival server [1.15.2+] with some awesome custom content such as bosses, custom mobs, envoys, crates, player shops, tokens, mines, in-game ranks, mobcoins, events, sell and condense wands, tag and disguise vouchers, chunk hoppers, and much more! We also have an awesome community full of amazing and welcoming players and staff. The server has fantastic ranks, crate keys, and custom tags on our web store for purchase! More gamemodes and content will be coming in the future! We hope to see you there!

IP: mc.dragonriders.us

Discord: https://discord.gg/EpSyDpf

Website: https://www.dragonriders.us/

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