DragonMC Network – A Unique Minecraft Server Network Packed With Features

Welcome to the DragonMC network! Many of our players are U.S based, so the best time to play is between 8 AM and 8 PM.

Key Features:

Player run shops, run your own by typing /pshop!
Only half of the server must sleep to skip the night! Phantoms will only target players who haven’t slept!
When you die, a chest spawns to protect your items and XP!
We have 30+ custom enchants. All the default enchants had the max level modified, e.g., sharpness 9.
Enchanted golden apples can be crafted just like on older versions!
Updated anticheat to stop hackers. We have a swearing/spam filter, so you won’t have to deal with the odd toxic player.
Sit on a stair, slab, or carpet by right-clicking on it!

Many more features! Come and join us to experience it yourself!

Servers on our network:

– Survival: Play on our updated survival server!
– Skyblock: Live on a floating island in the sky! Grind resources to become the top player!
– Anarchy: Survive and thrive in a chaotic environment with no rules!
– Creative: Build whatever you can imagine with unlimited resources!

Join with version(s) 1.8 to 1 .16.4

Our shop: https://store.dragonmc.org/

Our website: https://www.dragonmc.page/

Discord link: discord.gg/4Vy6xMU

IP: dragonmc.org

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