Discover the Magic: Dive into WitchEar Minecraft SMP

Hey Gamers! Get ready to dive into an epic gaming experience like never before at WitchEar!

Welcome to the world of WitchEar, where survival meets magic in the most enchanting SMP adventure on Minecraft 1.20!

Picture this: A world where custom-coded magic wands bring a whole new dimension to your gameplay. Levitation wand? Check. Repulsion wand? Double-check. Magnetic wand? Oh, you bet! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

But wait, there’s more! Say hello to impulse grenades – a game-changer that adds a whole lot of fun to the mix. Imagine the strategic chaos you can unleash with these babies!

Wander through our beautifully crafted spawn area, a simple village design that’s anything but ordinary. Encounter various NPCs scattered across different villages, each serving a unique purpose. It’s a world where surprises await at every turn!

And here’s the real kicker – every 7 minutes, a mysterious crate appears randomly in the survival world. Brace yourselves because you and your fellow players will be notified, and the coordinates will be at your fingertips! What lies within? Crate keys, my friends! Use them to unlock other crates filled with special items, weapons, armor, and of course, more magic wands.

Engage in a thriving in-game economy with our server shop, conveniently managed by an NPC in one of the villages. Buy and sell items with ease through a user-friendly GUI. Looking for a more competitive edge? Head to the auction NPC, where you can list your items and let the bidding wars begin!

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Join us at and let the magic unfold! Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie, there’s a place for everyone in our enchanting SMP world.

Connect now, survive, thrive, and let the gaming magic begin!

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