Different Perspectives on How to Mine Diamonds Fast in Minecraft

We took the time to compile a series of interviews we did a few weeks ago. Below are our results.

Using Enchantments

The most efficient way to mine diamonds are through the use of diamond pickaxe, which means you need 3 diamonds mined before with iron pickaxe in order to get a diamond pickaxe. With a diamond pickaxe, it cannot still be considered “efficient” without the enchant “Efficiency”, this can span from 1-5, the 5 being the most efficient. With efficiency enchantment can be added to the pickaxe using an anvil[if you have an efficiency book] or a enchantment table[if you’re enchanting it directly]. Also adding an unbreaking enchantment will also be useful as it reduces the need to fix your pickaxe as frequent. In addition, Speed 2 will also be useful as it decreases the time taken to get from point A to point B, therefore mining different areas will be quicker, moreover, Haste 2 will be very efficient as it increases the speed of each swing, and therefore, the time taken to mine the diamond ore reduces once again. You can spawn in efficiency 1000 if you wanted, but I just went for what was available to the regular user.

Effects of Minecraft Versions

In minecraft 1.14+, the most efficient way to mine diamonds is to get in crawl mode, and mine strait. You can achieve “crawl” mode in Minecraft with 2 methods, the easiest one being to place a trapdoor above you in a 2 block high region, and then flip it down. Another way to get into this position is by placing a water bucket and swimming into the 1 by 1 area that you will be mining in. After that is done, just proceed to strip-mine. This is more efficient that just doing regular strip mining because it reveals 4 blocks from mining one. The default way to strip mine is revealing 6 blocks by mining 2. This makes the crawling method exactly 50% more efficient, so effectively will turn 2 diamonds into 3, and 5,000 diamonds into 7,500.

An Art Form

Mining diamonds in minecraft is a complicated art, but once you’ve got the hang of it things start to get better. First, you must dig (not straight down!) to anywhere between y-3 to y-13. Then after that, you must dig a 1*1 area and place a water bucket in the hole. After doing this, you must swim to get into the hole and then start mining forward until you hit diamonds! Do this repeatedly with many holes along a long hallway underground until you’ve found enough diamonds, then find a new area to mine in, rinse and repeat the process!

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