Diddscraft – An Enjoyable Minecraft Vanilla Experience

Diddscraft has been open for a month now and we’ve grown so much and its time for you to come and join! We’ve got so much more on the way so come join us!

Server IP: Diddscraft.serverminer.com

We have a wide range of plugins for you to make your survival experience much more enjoyable from the normal vanilla.

✮ Friendly Community & Staff

✮ Lottery

✮ Quests

✮ Land Claim

✮ Pets

✮ Custom Ranks

✮ Jobs Reborn


✮ Great Economy System

✮ Player Shops

✮ PvP Arena

✮ Loot Crates

✮ Custom Mob Drops

There is so much more to come for Diddscraft so why not join the journey with us as the server grows! We’ll see you there!


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