CursedNetwork – A Mineccraft Server with Skyblock and Survival

► VERSION: 1.8-1.16 
► INFO: Cursednetwork was founded in February 2021 , currently you can play skyblock and we want to release the survival soon.
The skyblock server is hosted on 10gb ram and is therefore almost lag free, if we notice that it is not enough ram anymore or there are problems we want to fix it as soon as possible.
we are always open to suggestions and we try to fix all the little bugs that might still be there as soon as possible to make the playing experience as good as possible.
► SKYBLOCK INFO: Create your own island and try to reach the top, this skyblock server has an advanced economic system and a mobcoins system to buy keys and commands.
The server also has custom enchantments to make sure there is always something to do! There are also daily events like envoys, all the menus are also custom made which makes the playing experience very fluid as everything is easy to find.
There is also a dungeon where you can fight against strong monsters and mine diamonds, emeralds and other things!
We’ve already created a nice and cozy community in a short time, are you joining us?
► GAMES:  Skyblock (1.16+)
    – Dungeons
    – Custom Enchants
    – Custom Island
    – Custom Menus
► GAMES:  Surival (Soon!)