Creating a Good Minecraft Server

A good minecraft server consists of enjoyable game modes, helpful and passionate staff members. The server should make the player feel exhilarated. Developers should work hard designing smooth plugins which give server a unique feeling unlike others. Players should have a sense of freedom whilst playing although staff members should be paying high attention at all times. Depending on the server type (MMOPRG, Factions ect) the player should always have to complete some kind of task, otherwise boredom starts to sink in causing the player to most likely leave the server to play on a competitors server. This will therefore lead to other servers gaining our players and eventually making more profit than our server.

The staff team should also listen to player feedback. This creates a more enjoyable environment for all. Many players appreciate when developers listen to feedback. A prime example of this is with Riot Games and their new hit free to play game Valorant. Many of the players (including myself) have high trust in the Riot Games Dev Team as they are constantly listening to their community.

This may seem slightly out of the ordinary compared to your other applicants, but i believe in order for a server to succeed it should have an memorable, catchy and easy name and IP to remember. This makes it straightforward for the user to share the server with their friends.

What makes a good server is a place where players can interact with their friends and find new friends while having fun. Mini-games are almost a must in most cases. Helpful and fun staff are a massive plus for any type of server. Multiple game modes are helpful for natural server growth. The thing that always catches my attention when joining a server is the architecture and build styles. Being a builder good builds where small and simple of massive and complex really tie a server together and bring it from being a good server to a great one. Whats the first thing a player sees when they log onto a server for the first time? The building, the structures, and the style. That’s why I think this aspect of server making is so important, because if you cant get this right it immediately shows the players that this is maybe not a server they want to be part of. But if you take the time and effort to hire and work with a solid team of experienced builders you can end up with a server that not only has people coming back everyday but also encourages creativity and fun!

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