Crafters-Island: An Awesome Minecraft Server with a Friendly Community

Welcome to Crafters-Island! We strive to maintain a free to play environment for all to enjoy. This means that all of the things that we sell in our store are mainly cosmetic purposes and don’t give players an advantage over each other.

We currently offer 3 game modes

SMP (1.15.2) – SMP is our most popular game mode. Build, explore, fight, or just hang out with lots of other players in this non-competitive vanilla focused game mode.

Prisons (1.12.2) – Enjoy Prisons like you never have before with classic prisons feel. Unlock some of our custom enchants with tokens, that are gained by mining.

Creative (1.15.2) – Unleash your inner creativity and show off your builds to everyone with monthly build competitions hosted on the forums. Players gain access to world edit if they vote.

All our servers are joinable in 1.12.2-1.15.2, the versions listed are their respective version.

Where can you find us? Well, I’m glad you asked. We have many ways in which you can find us that will be linked below.







A letter from the owner:

Hello, my name is John and I am the founder and owner of Crafters-Island! I understand that you’re looking for the next awesome server to join, and I would love for us to be that for you. We have a very friendly and welcoming community and not one that says that only to then find out it’s actually toxic.

First, I’d like to mention a few things that are unique about our server. Our skyblock server is running on 1.12.2 with askyblock as the base island plugin. Now, this isn’t unique, but we do have islands in every world, Overworld, Nether, and The End. We have player warps so players can set different warps, such as a profit shop or a beautiful island warp. Players can level up their skills with mcMMO and brag about their fame for being #1 of them all! They can brag about awesome tools and loot with [i] to show their hand in the chat.

Our SMP server is a 1.13.2 semi-vanilla experience, with the only non-vanilla experience being grief prevention. The more you play on SMP, the more blocks you will get to be able to claim with a golden shovel. While SMP is completely vanilla gameplay, it features the same cosmetics as skyblock and the hub servers. Speaking of hub servers, all our hubs have custom builds built by the Odyssey Team. Our skyblock spawn is also built by them.

As for server-wide cosmetics, players can get disguises, name colors, trails, and tags! 

Are you looking to become staff on a server? Today could be your lucky day! We are always looking for new staff members to join our community! Apply today at our forums!

Last but not least, join for the fun and stay for the community! We’d love to have you!

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