Crack Shack – A Brand New Semi Anarchy Minecraft Servers with Almost No Rules!

Are you tired of huge Minecraft servers with a whole book of rules? Well, look no further! The Crack Shack is a brand new, semi-anarchy Minecraft survival server with only 2 rules: no hacking and no lag machines. Some commands are in place to make players’ lives easier such as /home, /tpa, /afk, /warp, /sell. and more! We have a server economy and shop along with occasional server-wide treasure hunts! There is no censorship, and we allow raiding and griefing. This is not meant to be “family friendly,” but we welcome all ages who enjoy the environment and community. Both owners, holographiclion and rjto, are almost always online either in game, or on discord. Don’t be afraid to reach out!
You can grind for the top balance, play normal survival, or do whatever wack sh*t your heart desires- the choice is yours.
Join us today!

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