Chronotract – A 3D Strategy Location-Based Game

Chronotract is a 3D strategy location-based game that deals with time. The object of the game is to kill as many players as possible by shooting a disk and hitting them with the disk before the timer stops. If the player kills 10 opposing players, they win a ruby; each ruby is worth one Bitcoin. This is an opportunity to win real money that will be sent to the users’ PayPal account. Players can create teams and network with other players.

When the player starts up the game they are met with a login screen, they have to register first before they log in. The register screen includes name, email, username, and password input boxes. The player must check their email for a login code. Once the player logs in, they will have to select gender; then the game begins. The game setting is a yard with trees, since the game is location-based there will be a scan of available players in the area before actual gameplay begins. After the scan, the timer and chat box appear, the player has to achieve a high score by hitting flying objects within a set time limit. After the player achieves the high score, the ammo appears for the main part of the game, where the player shoots the ammo in an attempt to kill the opposing player before the timer stops. A red ruby appears when the player has killed 10 other players, each ruby is worth one real Bitcoin; which is transferred to the players’ PayPal account. Each time a player gets hit by the opposing player, they lose points. If all the points are gone, the player has to start over.
There is an icon to the left of the ammo where the player can check their rank and amount of money earned. Players can create teams and compete against opposing teams, also they can send other players friend requests and messages.

The link to the game downloads is here:

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