Choosing the Right Plugins for a Minecraft Server

Often we are asked what types of plugins we used on our server, MagniPVP.  For any Bukkit server, you must utilize the right number of plugins, and configure them correctly and sensibly.

Many servers just install as many server mods as they can find, and hope that this will attract users. Unfortunately, usually this is not the case. If a server does not have a sensible layout and plugin arrangement, it will most likely not succeed.

Here are a few ways to ensure that you are implementing plugins on your server in the most reasonable and attractive way.

1) Use plugins that match the theme of your server.
This is the most important. Dono t just throw in a bunch of .jaro s and hope for the best. Carefully select the plugins your server needs and configure them.

2) Offer a variety of plugins that keep players interested. (If it matches your theme.)
Yes, there are servers that are meant to be basic, and that is OK. However, for most large servers, you want to keep users entertained and engaged. To do this, variety of plugins is key. Keep in mind that o varietyo do not mean o manyo , use as many plugins as your server requires, and no more.

3) Configure server mods to make them seem more native to your server.
Many plugins offer the ability to change their messages. Doing this will make your server seem to blend together to form a cohesive unit. It also seems more impressive to newcomers.

4) Take the time to do things fully and correctly.
It comes down to how well and throughly things are done. Take your time and try not to fall behind. Sometimes people get things just right, only to see a Minecraft update come out the next day. Just stick with it and set things up to best survive CraftBukkit updates.

5) Do not install o heavyo plugins if your server does not have enough resources tohandle the strain.
Plugins like Survival Games, that track player position and behavior, and plugins like Prism, that track every block update, are very resource intensive. Some servers cannot handle the stress of plugins like this, and will get console messages such as o Server can not keep up!o . Also, ensure that users are not able to crash your server with plugins like WorldEdit and VoxelSniper.

6) Keep your plugins up to date.
Plugins are constantly updated to fix bugs and to be compatible with new versions of Bukkit. Tools like o CraftBukkit Up To Dateo can help you keep things up to date. Make sure to do adequate research on a version before just popping it in.

7) Make sure that players have a way to protect their things.
This is one of the best ways to make a user rage quite and never come back. Everyone knows the feeling you get when everything you have worked for is lost and you have to start all over. Use plugins like Residence, Grief Protection, Towny, Factions, etc. to prevent this from happening.

8) Do something original with your plugins.
Dono t just be o another Factions/MCMMO servero . We have way to many of those and other typical setup server around. Set up your plugins in a unique and enticing way.

9) Consider investing in custom plugins.
This is one little thing that can have a very large impact on your servero s reception. You can create experiences that are truly original, and cannot be seen anywhere else. A great example are the o GhostCrafto servers, which run using a private plugin. Feel free to contact us for more information on this one.

10) Don’t use plugins that have little to no point or modification.
Some plugins only change a tiny thing, or can be absorbed in another plugin. Whenever you know you want to implement a feature, research which plugins are most suited to your needs. Often, one plugin will do the work of three.