ChoiceCraft – A Minecraft Survival SMP and Skyblock Community – Bedrock and Java

Server IP – Copy to Minecraft Client to Play:

ChoiceCraft is a community run by administrators and moderators with 10 year+ experience with online community management. Both to Java and Bedrock (Win10) players can join our servers!


We offer an active community of mature (PG-13) players spread across Survival Multiplayer (SMP) as faithful to the true experience as possible and Traditional SkyBlock! (Using SuperiorSkyBlock2).


Both servers feature mcMMO, Auction house, Player shops, and much much more to give an in-depth community experience.


Survival (SMP) features dedicated build worlds that are kept nice and clean looking! Claim Blocks are earned every minute you stay online and active! Allowing every active community member a chance to protect and expand their build-area as needed. For all your resource needs we have resource worlds, both normal and nether, that get reset once a month, to give everyone a fair chance at getting to the rare loot!


SkyBlock- Is hosted using SuperiorSkyBlock2 and allows each player the opportunity to have an overworld island, nether island AND an end island, going from size 100×100 all the way up to 400×400.


The server is assisted by hand-picked Moderators that are all active community members, each chosen for their ability to be impartial and fair when settling disputes and solving issues of abuse and exploitation. We of course have a ZERO tolerance policy towards abuse and exploits.


Events – We host regular events, with in-game rewards and occasional rewards that go beyond Minecraft, such as gift cards for Steam and more.


We will also host regular build events, mining competitions, and even the occasional quiz… These are just some of the types of events we arrange.

We look forward to seeing you as a part of our community! We are an inclusive Minecraft community so all people are welcome to join!