Choadler’s Network Promises a refreshing Minecraft Multiplayer Experience

In a world where Mega-Servers dominate and are ran by corporate-like teams, Choadler’s Network sets out to bring back the human element to Minecraft multiplayer. After getting tired of popular servers business approach to Minecraft server’s Choadler, real name Corey, launched Choadler’s network, a space to play popular minecraft game modes where the player is in control.

There are no Donator ranks, or even donator perks. Everyone who plays on this network starts at the same level, and has an equal opportunity to progress.

Players will land on the Hub Server. The Hub server is the crossroads of the entire network. With a planned PVP implementation, it promises to be an engaging lobby where players meet are are first introduced to the server

The Survival Realm, the network’s first gamemode, is just as the name implies: Survival Minecraft. Players spawn in at a random location on the map, and begin their vanilla Minecraft experience. Players can request TP to other players, useful for trading items, and can set 1 home, to help prevent players getting lost or trapped. There are no land claims, or game additions, enabling a truly authentic Minecraft experience. This gamemode is for 1.18.1 users only.

The Skyblock Realm is fairly new. Available on 1.8 thru 1.18.1, the Skyblock Realm is a place for enjoying the iconic gamemode alone or with friends. Island upgrades and challenges are available to keep users stimulated. Complete with an economy and the promise of no pay-to-win antics, the Skyblock realm should provide players with countless hours of fun.

The key to Choadler’s network is the players. Being an avid player of Minecraft, Corey is creating the type of server he has always wanted to play on, where the server staff are engaged with the community in a positive way, and every player has the opportunity to provide input that is heard.