Check out this new ANARCHY server making waves in the Minecraft Java community!

PIXELCAT-MC – owned by none other than CraftyCat4K! The server is in it’s early days but give it TIME!! It’ll be worth it! I have my ear close to the ground for new features and advice that I see worthy!

Note from the creator, CraftyCat4K

“At its heart, this server is my forever project, and I want it to become anarchy hell. It’s a unique take on the common-place Minecraft anarchist formula that we all know and loath since we’re introducing RP elements at spawn which puts you right in the cross hairs of the anarchists – good luck!

So, with all the usual bells and whistles intact, how at all are we different? Well, simply put we are not. Joking – read on! This server will always be growing!! And there’s ONE operator – me! So no slow gears in this machine – I make quick decisions, and implement features quickly.

I imagine there’s like 100 features left to add as of now, so stay tuned please!

– CUSTOM OP Status
– Gear and Armor / Pets / Commands for purchase at our shop!
– EVEN MORE premium plugins to keep our server efficient, lightweight, and fast!

Where we shine is in construct and style. PixelCat-MC features a unique implementation of RP elements completely taking place within the protected areas of spawn, to give those not willing to risk it all in anarchy a chance to partake in our community without separating these different waves of players by server walls. Two game types collide and the lines where they meet is where the intense, jaw-ripping, heart crushing experiences we are advertising happen.”


Business Contact: PixelCATMC[at]

18GB RAM – SSD Storage – HIGH Specs! Guarantee Lag-Free Experience

*CraftyCat4K is always looking for awesome developers. Please reach out to his email if you are interested in applying!

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