Builders Block is an Mcmmo Survival Server with a Bit of a Twist

Welcome To Builders Block!


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Builders Block is an Mcmmo survival server with a bit of a twist! Enjoy exploring our 25k x 25k block world, gaining new perks and permissions through ranking up by selling items to the admin shop, setting up your own shop, or just by playing on the server (different actions i.e woodcutting/mining etc. will earn you money automatically!)We also have other worlds! A resource world that resets on a scheduled basis so you never need to worry about the server running out of resources, a tutorials world so you can learn the different commands for the plugins the server has to offer, a shops world full of plots players can buy, and an events world for cool events hosted by the server! All easily accessible through portals at spawn and all of this on top of our main survival world!

Our Main Features

– Mcmmo
– Quickshop
– Jobs (everyone is auto-enrolled so no need to use commands, just start earning money!)
– Ranks (no paid ranks! All ranks are bought via in game economy)
– Anti Grief/Claims
– Silk Spawners
– Wild Teleport
– Fun Plugins such as pets, disguises, heads, custom armor stands and more!
– Friendly Staff
– Vote Rewards

Please keep in mind that this server is new, so it’s best to join our discord to meet other players, and keep updated on any upcoming events or other announcements! See you online!

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