An Awesome New Hardcore Factions Minecraft Server

BrutalCraft is a factions server that brings that old feel of factions into the newest version. A great user experience is what the server strives to bring to everyone whos play it. The server has custom plugins/addons that cannot be used on other 1.16.5 servers. BrutalCraft has plans to expand the server into many other gamemodes in the future, this is simply the start of where the server plans to go.

Feel free to support further development by voting for the server or buying ranks. Ranks help the admins to expand/make the server better. If you feel like donating for perks in game please visit our official website. If there is a problem with a purchase please contact the admins at the discord. The community right now is small but great and there are plans to to expand the server and support up to 200 people. The server needs more player who are hardcore factions players. Many servers are way too far from the classic feel from factions and some just didn’t feel the same. Now, BrutalCraft is considered to be a favorite server amongst many Minecraft players to grind on. New updates occur monthly and add little features that help out a lot! Most of the time there are helpers on the server, but when there is not there is an in-game report system. Voting for the server isn’t just a benefit to the server, it benefits the players as well. Whenever players vote, they get a vote key that can be used in game.

About BrutalCraft

To join BrutalCraft, simply connect to the Server IP at, visiting the official website, or joining the discord server.