Brand New Minecraft Survival Server – ZINNIA

Looking for a fun, 18+ and bubbly community jumping into an exciting new Minecraft world together? Well look no further! ZINNIA is a brand-new Whitelisted Vanilla 1.17 Minecraft server centered around its community. We hope to create a space where everyone feels welcome to build and explore your creativity. Come join in with friends to create your own towns, build your own villages, start your own shops, and become tycoons of the ZINNIA world.

Our survival world offers various features to create a more enjoyable multiplayer experience. Whether you’re a creative builder, a logical redstoner, an avid farm-maker, or any mix of the three, ZINNIA is a great place to come share a great time with your fellow Minecrafters.

To join in and jump into this exciting world, join our Discord ZINNIA (

Main features of the server are:

» Land Claiming – Start a town and invite new residents. Everyone can build their own dream house.

» Economy – Trade resources with other players using in-game currency. Everyone gets to make their own shop!

» Skills & Jobs – Train to gain cool abilities and get rich.

» Ranks – Get VIP after 50 hours on the server with cool perks such as /tp, pick a unique color, tpa, telegems and more!

» DynMap – See the world from above.

» DeadChest

» Playerheads

» Tele-gems

» TradeSystem

» Treefeller

» Veinminer

» Friendly Community – Featuring helpful staff and experienced players.