Blockville Network – The Minecraft Network with All of Your Favourite Game Modes

Minecraft, as most of you know is a first-person perspective video game in which players roam freely in a large three-dimensional environment. Players can mine, and craft their way around said environment for resources, food and precious minerals, But what about the world of Minecraft online?

A great example of Minecraft online is that of Blockville, if you are looking for a fun and interesting server with an amazingly friendly community then Blockville is where you should be spending your time.

Blockville offers a vast array of different game modes across the entirety of its bungee network with popular game modes like Survival, Skyblock, UHC and even Prison, but the server also has a complete ‘Funhouse’. The Funhouse hosts over 20 games ranging from Block party, TNT run and even Among us, whatever you want to play it seems like Blockville has got you covered.

Right now, during our unique Pirate themed Skyblock season 1 Blockville are also doing monthly pay outs with a $100 prize pool for those who finish top 3 of the leader-boards, an amazing pay out for such a new server and an opportunity for anyone trying to make some money by playing Minecraft.

Interested in seeing more? Blockville also is growing quite a large Discord server too and has already amassed over 450+ new members in just a few short days, want to be a part of that growth? Check out the Discord with the links below.

For more information on Blockville and how to become a part of the network check out the links below and get involved.

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