Blockminer – A Unique Minecraft Server that Unites the Classics

Blockminer is a unique server that unites the classics of the 2012 era of minecraft survival servers with the new technology and design of today. We do not believe in OP features like Loot Boxes, crates, OP Items, etc. McMMO, diamond-based economy, Land claiming, realistic trees, plus more. We can guarantee an amazing experience from the ground up. Come experience it for yourself!

– Trees Fall When Cut
– Land Claim
– Custom World Gen (Very Vanilla Feeling)
– mcMMO
– Chest, Inventory, & Hotbar Auto-Sorting
– Player Shops
– Auction House
– Diamond Based Economy
– 10 Free Ranks
– Vote For Time & Weather
– Silk Touch Spawners
– Active Community & Discord
– No Crates
– EULA Compliant (Not Pay to Win)

We run our server in New York on a nicely spec’d i9 9900k @ 5.2 GHz. We choose NY because we get a nice connection to all of North America and Europe as a whole! Our World is currently 50k x 50k (2,500,000,000 Blocks squared). The world is also a custom gen that feels very vanilla, it’s more interesting and there are many more places to build than before. Come on in, Jump in the pit, claim some land, and have fun.