Blitz Towny – A Custom Towny Minecraft Server with a Unique Experience

Blitz Towny is a 1.16 Towny server, we offer a unique experience with custom items and features optimised for our players. We offer 21 in game ranks with the intention to add more as our community progresses, most donor perks can be obtained through this system to help you along your journey! Create or join a Town to embark in our growing community and participate in our events throughout the year with your friends this way.

Any and all feedback is appreciated through the #suggestions channel to help make Blitz Towny and your experience the best it can be!



– 21 In-game Ranks
– Crates
– Custom Tools/Armor
– McMMO & Jobs
– AuctionHouse
– Admin shop
– Auto farms encouraged!
– Custom drops/enchants


Towny – 10k x 10k You can create a town here and be safe with grief protection!
Resource World – 5k x 5k This world is primarily for gathering! It is reset weekly to replenish resources gathered.
Nether – 5k x 5k This world is reset monthly especially with everyone enjoying the new nether update!

All Worlds are pre generated to reduce lag!

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