Black Disc – A Custom McMMO, Autorank and Jobs

The Black Disc is an in-depth walk into multiplayer Minecraft! We’ve fully customised plugins such as McMMO, Autorank and Jobs in order for players to get paid or level up for whatever they do! Chop a tree or a village, money is in whatever you do! We have 15 ranks, with /fly being a reward for the top rank! We aim to create a wholesome server where you can come and relax and talk with friends with no pressures or worries of the outside world 😃 All the information you need is right at spawn when you join and then you just do whatever you like from there! We’re constantly updating and changing things up based on players feedback to keep the server forever evolving and exciting.

So come join The Black Disc now and become a part of our ever-evolving Empire! 😊


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