Becoming a Minecraft Server Staff on a Large Network

Becoming a Minecraft Server Staff on a large network could be very challenging. Let’s discuss some of the traits a staff should rightfully possess.

Minecraft server staff should be kind and respectful to all players and should be able to manage work efficiently. They should be able to responsibly sort out disputes and help the server grow. They are representing the server and should be able to portray it as a safe community for all segments of the player base. They have to be diverse and assist in a large variety of roles, that wasn’t specifically specified in their job description. They should manage their time well to work better and produce good ideas for the server.

They should also be capable of making work relationships with their coworkers to work as a team and produce better work. They have to have experience, and be knowledgeable both in commands and social circumstances to provide adequate punishments. For example, they should accept and treat everyone equally regardless of race/ethnicity/gender, etc, and be able to relate to issues in the server or in real life.

It is also important that they have a good relationship with the players. A staff member shouldn’t always act formal, but be able to communicate with players in an appropriate way to help make connections and make more concurrent players.

These are all important staff member traits. It is also important that they are confident in their category and know how to effectively do their job.

It’s tricky to define a perfect staff member, as everyone has their own opinions and imagines their idyllic staff member differently. However, it’s essential that every single staff member, that’s employed, must have a certain set of skills.

To begin, they must have an in depth and secure knowledge on a variety of common commands, plugins and should be able to adapt and learn the fundamentals of new, unmet plugins/systems they are encountered with. This is to ensure that, in split-second decisions, they know how to carry out punishments, fix/prevent griefing and ultimately, utilise their permissions to the fullest, in benefit of the server and it’s players. It’s important that your staff, is not only familiar with the commands and basic fundamentals of their permissions, but also equipped with the skills to deal with people. These people, could be players, hackers or exploiters, but it’s important that they maintain a positive relationship with all of them so that they uphold their professional persona.

To sum it up:

As a staff member having to persistently deal with the community, can be degrading. It’s crucial that they are able to create connections, and bond with the players. This would help keep players, returning and overall create a positive and fun-packed chat with possibilities for new players to conversations, develop bonds and get involved in the server. This would help reinvigorate the staff member.

I could genuinely write an in-depth, lengthy essay on the simple question “What makes a good Minecraft Server Staff?”, but to keep it short enough for the google docs, i will state some other good traits that is useful and a must: To be friendly and approachable; to be able to spot and keep an eye on suspicious players; to be able to carry out fair, and just punishments; to know the wide variety of hacks and exploitations; to speak two or more languages; to promote and try keep a steady amount of people visiting the server’s store (Note: They should not try force, or coerce anyone into buying a rank, as it should be a voluntary decision.)

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