AzeriaMC – A Feature-Rich Survival Minecraft Server

AzeriaMC is a feature-rich Survival Minecraft server! With dedicated, friendly admins and a friendly community mixed with towny and survival players!
Survival on AzeriaMC is generally peaceful. Players can create clans, explore the wilderness, interact with other players, and gather resources to survive in a semi-hostile environment. But be very careful who you trust, as AzeriaMC does not have any rules against griefing, raiding, or even killing players in the wild.
The use of custom armor, weapons, and tools is crucial to players. They can give you a more significant advantage when it comes to PVP, killing mobs, and overall quality of life improvements. Additionally, some of these items can be reforged to improve their durability, stats, or add custom enchants.
Custom plugins enhance and add features such as; custom items, clans, clan events, weekly events/ seasonal events, vote rewards,  rewards for mining and fishing,  and help enhance your overall survival experience.
Both of the admins/creators of AzeriaMC are into history, mythology, and fantasy. They have brought these interests together to create unique world-building, characters, and lore for the server. As a result, players can expect frequent content updates that, over time, will build upon the already existing world of AzeriaMC.
If AzeriaMC sounds interesting, check out the official website to learn about all the features. You can also join the discord to keep up to date on current events and get a feel for the community Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, jump right in and join the server at
About AzeriaMC Minecraft Server