Awesome Gifts to Get for Your Minecraft Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Something to keep in mind is your target audience. Most Minecraft players in my experience ranges between 12-25. That being said, something a 14 year old would like to win probably isn’t something a 23 year old would like and vice versa. So picking items that would suit a wider range would be the best to choose as it would appeal to more people.

Under $50

Minecraft Redstone Lamp. Not too childish for an adult and something a kid would definitely like. Another option I can’t list through Amazon would be to purchase them an additional Minecraft account for them to gift to a friend (Might be another player that would come to the server).

For the under 50s range, I have gone for the Corsair extended mouse pad.I decided to go for it because a mousepad is a very underrated accessory to a gamer, it enables the mouse to glide better, and prevents damage taken by both the surface and the mouse from the friction between the two surfaces. A lot of individuals do not realise how useful it is without it, however, after using it, they can never go back. The extended mouse pad provides the previously mentioned advantages, but it covers more of the surface so that the mouse can be moved further to meet your comfort. In addition, it also reduces bruising of your skin, something which my wrist thanks me to this day. I’ve long had bruised wrists do to the pressure of my hand against the surface of the desk, however, this was completely eliminated with the extended pad.

Over $50

JBL Speakers make an awesome giveaway regardless of age as it’s something the player can use for years to come and almost everyone has a bluetooth device they can connect it to. Since it was for an average minecraft member, I decided to choose a product that would benefit this individual for a long time, and can be used for other than gaming. Therefore, I decided to get the logitech speaker system. The speakers themselves are very good, and has tones of good reviews, and the longevity and warranty are unmatched. The product itself is not tuned by big speaker companies such as Dolby Atmos or AKG, however, it still provides sharp sounds without compromising base. Furthermore, it has that logitech build quality which is really unmatched in any industry.

JBL flip 4:

For the over 50s range, I went for the Razer DeathAdder V2, which is the most comfortable mice I’ve used to this day. I am a left handed individual, and having used the DeathAdder V2 using my right hand I was blown away, and I’ve been trying to find a left handed version which comes remotely close with the DeathAdder V2. The ability of changing the DPI and programmable buttons means that it is a gamers dream. This means that they have an advantage against others in combat, but also increases productivity in different aspects, not just gaming.

Over $100 – High end gaming keyboards for their PC would be a great giveaway and also enhance their experience playing on the server. The only downside would be players using a laptop rather than desktop. For those players we could substitute the keyboard for a mouse as trackpads are nearly impossible to play with.

Steelseries apex 7:


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