Attracting and Getting New Players on a Minecraft Server with Prizes

I have few suggestions.
1) You can make some in-game events to receive some goods. It’s good because it brings people to the server, people play on the server and in my opinion it is good idea.
2) Make some discord server events, for example simon says, it brings more people to the discord server, it makes it more active, people have fun and it’s good for the community. If you are a new member and join and see how much fun others have it’s just good, you want to stay and participate it the server, discord.
3) Make some giveaways but to participate make a requirement that you have to play in the server for example 10 hours. That way it brings people to play more in the server, if some people never tried it, it helps them to get to the server and possible make those people to play in the server when they enjoy it.

Prizes Ideas

1) Server ranks/something from server store
Why? Because some people don’t have paypal or credit card. Some parents are strict and don’t allow to purchase something like that.
2) Steam gift cards

Many people who play minecraft also play other video games, steam gift card should be good to giveaway, as many people would enjoy the gift card and use it to purchase games or perks to whatever game they want.
3) Discord nitro
Again, many people can’t purchase discord nitro. It also makes discord server active. It is very popular now and many people are interested in that. I think discord related giveaways help to make discord server more active.
4) Amazon gift cards:

Amazon is the biggest online store, starting from kids toys to some very weird stuff. You can purchase movies, toys, keyboard, charges, whatever.
5) Give beta access
I would make some kind of beta features or beta server where you can win or purchase or just give away free beta access. It’s cool because it’s server related, people are interested in checking out new features and cool things.
6) PayPal Balance
Paypal balance can be used to purchase whatever they want, use it to purchase for server, anything from other stores or just cash out and invest it somewhere. This is not the best option in my opinion but many minecraft players are interested in that.
7) Other forum ranks
As minecraft players visit many minecraft server related forums it’s good to giveaway something like that too. The ranks give some epic perks what people can use.

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