A Skyblock Minecraft Server that Serves Your Wants and Needs

Are you looking for a Skyblock server? Having a hard time finding one with the features that you want? What if I told you that there’s a Skyblock server with your wants and needs in mind? We are Void Rage, a Skyblock realm where anything is possible. Our server is specifically tailored around you, the most important part of our server, the player. We are dedicated to providing seemless gameplay experiences, and are constantly adding more and more features. We want to hear your suggestions, we base our server on constructive critisism. It helps us provide the best gameplay possible.


Are you still skeptical? It’s understandable, and we can’t expect you to trust us by just telling you what we do and how we do it, but let’s just show you some of our features and see if that pushes you to want to play!


– Skyblock

– Crates

– Ranks

– Rankup Ranks

– Envoys

– KoTH

– Elevators

– Launch Pads

– Tokens

– Mob Coins

– Vote Parties

– Sell Chests

– Sell Wands

– Stacking Spawners

– Stacking Mobs

– Island Upgrades

– Island Top Rewards

– Voting Top Rewards

– Chunk Loaders

– Crop Hoppers



Has that not gotten your attention? Well, why don’t you come join us and see for yourself. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed, because if you are, just let us know on Discord and we will amend anything you see is wrong with our server. That’s what we do, provide user tailored experiences and that will never change. We promise. <3



We hope to see you on the server and are waiting impatiently for your arrival. See you soon!


IP: mc.voidrage.net

Site: https://www.voidrage.net/

Store: https://store.voidrage.net/

Discord: https://disc.voidrage.net/