A Perfect Gift for a Minecraft Friend!

What are the conditions of this gift? Is it so that I decide to gift 1 person? If so, I would probably gift under $50 as I don’t know the person I am giving a gift to. I don’t know whether or not I like the person or whether or not he is a good person. I tend to want to know people before I send them a gift.

In case I know the person I wouldn’t really look at the price. I would instead look for things I genuinely think this person will enjoy and I will purchase those without specifically looking at the price. I believe a gift’s value comes 80% from the intention and only 20% from the actual value of the thing you are gifting. I don’t think the price matters at that point.

I would instead go to the shop and look around for some nice things. I don’t think I would go in with a predetermined idea of what I was going to buy. I like to be a little spontaneous.

All in all I think I generally wouldn’t gift a random Minecraft player that just so happened to play on this server. I want to genuinely know a person before I gift them anything. At that point price doesn’t matter.

You know the phrase, “sharing is caring”? Well, from a business perspective that whole phrase is WRONG!
No offense, (this is just to put things into perspective) but if you were to be a business owner of a minecraft server, Isnt your goal to get a little bit o’ moolah from it?

I mean aside from paying the bill of 1.5$/ram every month, and paying for adverts on server websites, and spending money on plugins, staff, ETC…. I Mean, Of course you want money from it!

So my main point here is i wouldnt buy an AVERAGE minecarft player a gift of any kind, Or atleast from a business perspective!

On the other hand, If it was his birthday, Or if i knew him IRL, Of course i would! And if it were to happen it would be Under 50$ and it would probably be this:

UNDER 50$ category

Minecraft Redstone Light Up Cube: https://amzn.to/2UfUkFh

Light-up Redstone Ore will give your room a nice amber glow, and looks just like the real thing from the game.

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