A New Type Of Minecraft Bending Server – Control The Elements

Elemental MC is an up-and-coming bending server that aims to rock the Minecraft Community with its completely custom take on controlling the elements. Players join, confused, in an unknown world. They quickly find themselves faced with their first challenge. Which element are they going to start with? Next, they battle their first boss and after defeating it, are introduced to a mysterious companion; the Orb. When players finally get to the village, something seems off.

It appears that everyone in the village has an orb following them around. Each with varying levels of hunger-induced rage. Except these orbs do appear to be on the player’s side. In exchange for food and conversation, the orbs follow and help each player out along their journey. There is something weird going on here though… Maybe it is time for the village to confront the person in charge. Except, there is nothing anyone can do.

Nobody is strong enough to uncover the truth about this place. Except for those with an orb. It looks like they have the capacity to learn and master control of the elements. To achieve greatness, players must explore the open world, finding biomes containing the element they wish to progress in, grow their tribe, and feed their orb. By completing quests, raids on lost libraries, and mastering new abilities, players will battle for the top spot on Elemental MC and perhaps even uncover something big.

Elemental MC has been in the works for a couple of years. Unlike other bending servers, players are able to unlock every element for free. Another unique player experience is the servers level system. Players start off at level 1 in a single element, but along the way, they can level up and master all of their abilities. The goal of the server is to provide a unique experience for the Minecraft community.

IP: Play.ElementalMC.com