A Minecraft Team PvP Server with Old-school Roots!

Rai’s World is a survival teams-based server reminiscent of the old-school pvp servers from way back when. Our unique and inventive ideas and our custom-made features to bring these ideas to life, we set ourselves apart from other teams servers by first working with the basics. We have every basic functionality of a simple hardcore pvp server all meshed into one server!  Survival gameplay is taken to a new level with our competitive prices on farming goods giving more incentive to creative large scale farming projects in order to jump start players towards the top of the baltop. Spawn is the only place that is protected so once you go out, you will be fighting for your life. To reobtain spawn protection, the only way to do so is the do /spawn. Loot crates with normal to legendary items spawn every 2 hours in the surrounding areas of spawn which gives incentive for players to come and pvp each other in an attempt to retrieve the chests. Where players can enjoy crafting and building brand new items. We also have numerous custom events to check out when not exploring the wilderness, like the casino, coinflip gambling and auctions! We are open for Alpha Testing from Jan 3, 2021 Come check us out!

IP: play.rais.world