A Minecraft Server with a Unique Spin! MythicMobs, Bosses and Fantastic PvP and PvE

I have developed a unique spin to the PVE, PVP franchise in the minecraft server world!

Between MythicMobs being installed bringing unique creatures to the world that test even the greatest imaginations of minecraft players. You join our world and immediately get kits to spawn your own Leveled Mobs! These Mobs come in any level for 0 to 10. So sometimes when you spawn a level 10 and it sprints like an Olympic athlete. Just remember watch where you spawn them because they could just come after you! No Half Broken structures because Land-Protection blocks any sort of explosion. The server has anti-grief so close your doors so people don’t spawn zombies outside them, unless they grind enough to earn one of the vexs that has no wall boundaries. I believe if the server reaches a large community that this form of game-play could be delightful!

Some Days you are fighting someone with zombie mobs, other days the admins spawn a Mythic Mob Boss. You have to fight with your friends. My small community is dedicated to bringing the best they have to the minecraft world. We have a currency, so those who wish to sell there eggs or those retrieved from the victories can be offered up for a price and so those who wish to avoid pvp can still buy and sell things to get ingame currency. After all the server Is PVE. Or is it?

Our Nether and End are an exception to the PVE Rules. For higher tier players the End and Nether are where you go to fight it out. Creating both a unique PVE experience on the Overworld, and a PVP aspect of it for the players who wish to test their strength in the others. Our goal is to make PVE as fun as possible with uniquely human built situations and to make PvP apart of both PVE and Minecraft. Thank you for your time, and have a wonderful day.

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