A Minecraft Anarchy PvP Server with Hacking Allowed

Both servers are cross-play which means you can join with java and bedrock clients!
Java v1.12 – v1.19.2 (java is multiversion) Bedrock/pe 1.19.2+ can join!
Hacking is allowed, anything you can do without the anticheat noticing. Griefing, killing and clan building welcome, I welcome all dedicated anarchy players to come and create some history!
AnarchyWars PVP server will be released on sunday the 5th of feburary!! This server has a 1k world border in a normal survival world, earn money by killing mobs and other players! With cool custom earning multipliers. The more kills you get you can earn better items and kit loadouts. Donator roles with perks also! this server will also run regular polls where players can suggest new modifications. stay tuned for the announced release time !!
Server runs on a good performance package + additional server upgrades on hand if needed for a larger player base. Plugins are premium quality with great developer support to keep the server in good working order!
Vanilla Anarchy: 2b2f.net port:25565 
AnarchyWars: anarchywars.my.pebble.host port:25595