A Custom Skyblock Server with Unique Plugins

Are you tired of finding Skyblock servers that continue to miss out great ideas and fail to listen to player feedback? Look no further! this whole new Skyblock server offers the highest quality of custom plugins and features, to deliver a unique player-oriented experience. Your island will become your new home for the next few months as YOU and other players compete to achieve the highest island level! A small proportion of features include: Custom Farming, Custom Crates, HeroicCoins System, Custom Fishing, Minions, Polar Bear’s drop emeralds, Envoys, and much more!

All the plugins have been professionally optimized to be balanced to ensure the player experience is as smooth as butter! Although we have just released we are already thinking far ahead into the future, thinking of updates that add a stronger value to continue to play our server. This will allow us to diversify ourselves from other servers in the same genre, and allow us to grow to be on the same level as different popular well-known servers. So, what are you waiting for? Load up Minecraft on any version and start playing today!

Join us at IP: HeroicSky.Net

We look forward to seeing you!

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