A Brand New Minecraft Semi-Survival Server

Meta Survival!

A brand new semi-survival server hot off the burner running on 1.17.1 (for now).
With a small, yet growing community, a player with a knack for adventure and love for minecraft will fit right in!
With many plugins such as economy and custom enchants to make the game more enjoyable and community-friendly, Meta Survival will be the next best thing!
This is the perfect server to build, fight the Ender Dragon, climb up to the top of the leaderboards, and adventure with friends. Within seconds, this server is available to anyone who would like to join!
The owners are active every day, along with administrators monitoring the service of the server. With a 99% uptime, this server meets all needs.
It is only a matter of time before this server is everywhere, the owners are enjoying their tight-knit community and actively searching for ways to improve.
This server is growing each and every day. Something will always be in the process of being added (perks of having a perfectionist as an owner). With around-the-clock support and attentive staff, this server will easily exceed expectations.
MetaSurvival and it’s staff are focused on putting the players experience first! While there are ranks you can buy through their online web store, each and every perk is also available through in-game playing! With plugins such as auto-rank and playtime, the staff of Meta Survival have created a system of playtime ranks that have truly revolutionized the rank system.
A few of the plugins the server has incorporated are economy, auto rank, playtime, chatfeelings, custom enchants, headsplus and crates. These are just a few of the perks that come with joining Meta Survivak today! The owners’ suggestion boxes are always open for any thoughts or concerns for a player!
Kick back and enjoy some good, old-fashioned (for the most part) survival minecraft with friends. Meta Survival is surely not something to be missed!