Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for a Minecraft Player

There are many items that an average minecraft player would love, and I have compiled an extensive list along with my reasonings in this post.

Minecraft Merch:

Cardboard Creeper Heads:

A Plastic Minecraft Sword:

None of these items, however, would be even close to the wishlist of what I have defined as the average Minecraft player. It is difficult to single out any one item. Minecraft is and for so many years has been a game that a diverse range of individuals have enjoyed. The game thrives because of its diverse playerbase and as such, their diverse interests. There’s a reason that a percentage of the Minecraft population gravitates towards gamemodes like HCF, KitPvP, or UHC; another section finds themself playing more the more laid-back prisons, factions, or skyblock; while others still love the minigames that networks like Hypixel provide. Personally, I was never a fan of competitive environments, not for long, anyways. The toxicity did not create a pleasant environment for gameplay, and to this day I can never truly wrap my head around the fact that people like to be toxic. Back on topic, because the Minecraft playerbase is so diverse, there is not a single item that can represent what that diverse playerbase might like as a gift. Universally, I can imagine an HCF player being elated with a creeper head, and a seven-year-old who is a regular to singleplayer loving the gift of a:

Razer Headset:

Bose QC35 headphones:

An incredible device for relaxation, with built-in noise cancelling. Not the best if you are looking for a gaming headset, but definitely a worthy purchase if you need something that has both great audio quality and even better comfort.

A Desk Lamp:

Generic, I know, but a desk lamp is an incredible tool for those inevitable late nights. Sleeping late is not a healthy habit, but being addicted to a game does not make a consistent sleep schedule any easier. A lamp is great, especially if you have more around your desk than just a computer. Third and finally, a gaming mousepad

Razer Goliathus Gaming Mousepad:

It’s likely that many of these players already have a keyboard and mouse, but a mousepad is a purchase that isn’t in many people’s minds. Just like socks, however, they make for great gifts despite not being items that you look for often.


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