5 Browser Games Worth Playing

Browser games are fun ways to spend your time. They let you blow off steam, or help you avoid boredom. And you don’t have to invest a lot of time, effort or money into them, the way you sometimes do with console or PC games. This list highlights some of my favorite browser games out there. You should know that not all of these games are appropriate for players of a young age. Please use your best judgment.

Effing Worms Bobby Graeber – the programmer responsible for this game, delivers a fun-filled action-packed browser game. This game has you as a giant worm. You need to eat the cows, cops, hang gliders and other pedestrians in order to keep your strength up. You also need to avoid rockets, bullets and mines. This action game is worth a play, or five.

Flight from Armor Games – You throw the paper plane, and try to glide as far as you can each through. You pick up stars and bonuses along the way. You can earn better planes, and perks. The premise sounds simple, but you will find yourself returning again and again to this browser game.

Gretel and Hansel and Gretel and Hansel 2 – The cinematics on these side scrolling browser games are gorgeous. The story line is well done, if a little disturbing at times. This game, while beautiful, fun and challenging, is definitely not suitable for a younger crowd.

Ninja Hamsters vs Robots Really – the title says it all. How can you resist the lure of ninja hamsters? Especially ninja hamsters tasked with saving the world from sushi-powered robots? You control your hamster with your mouse, using your mighty ninja skills to defeat the robots before they overpower you. So get your clicker finger ready, and go kick some robot butt.

Energy Physics – This physics base game has you setting up falling objects and such to align in a way that brings harm to the little stationary men on each level. There’s a link to the walk-through at the bottom of each level, in case you get stuck.

These fun browser games should prevent the boredom from overcoming you. But I can’t promise that your productivity will increase.

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