LightMist – A Custom Minecraft Server with Many Features




lightmist prison has custom quests, custom mobs, custom mines and custom items with custom recipes! See if you can break out of prison! a Custom generated world is waiting for you!


LightMist Prison Lobby

Meet the wanted mobs!

wanted skunkwanted komodo dragonicebreaker wantedwanted beewanted wither

just a few of the custom items
custom recipes

more custom recipes
custom armor

My favorite, icebreaker!
Ice Breaker Mob

Have you ever killed a skunk?
skunk mob

If you get bored of mining you can harvest crops!
harvest crops

Prison also has pinata vote party!
pinata party

Make a cell shop!
prison cell shops

One of five custom mob arenas!
mob arena

The first of five mines! The other four you will have to discover for yourself!

Mine A Prison Lightmist


survival has custom quests, custom dungeons, a custom pvp zone and
envoy events!

spawnsurvival spawn

Custom PVP zone !
Survival PVP Zone

Dungeon entrance!
dungeon entrance


coming soon……..