Bucketry – A Minecraft Server that Focuses on What is Enjoyable!

SERVER IP: mc.bucketry.net

About Us
We are a server that focuses on what’s enjoyable in Minecraft. While at its core, Bucketry Minecraft is a survival and creation server with grief prevention and land claiming features. There are fun features such as custom enchantments, a rank/prestiging system, a growing player economy, epic spawners, cosmetics you can buy with tokens, and much more. The players here are all friendly and seek to only exist in harmony with each other, establishing wonderful lands all across the world. However, players are not disbarred from wanting to participate in the usual PVP if they wish…

The Server Objective
The objective of the server is the concept of players having fun through the unique land claiming features that are different from the common “golden shovel” aspects you see on other servers, acting as either individuals or a combined force through the town system. It is the staff interacting with players, it is kingdoms trying to work with other kingdoms, it is roaming bandits taking what they want by force. It is a world where the players themselves play the biggest role.

No Nonsense
We who run the show are players much like yourself. We’ve played those servers. We’ve fought those people. It was all in good fun until the cruel realization came that PvP and creativity could not coexist. At our server, we believe that the core aspect of Minecraft can remain intact while you bash in the face of your enemy. Magnificent skyscrapers and fields bathed in blood, together in sweet harmony.

What’s the Catch?
Only that you obey the rules and respect the staff, everything else is up to you. Want to be a wandering nomad, killing any you come across? Go for it. Interested in being the kingpin of the server, dominating the economy and hiring other players as mercenaries to do your dirty work for you? You’re the boss.

Discord: https://discord.gg/t5gKt6T

Donation store – store.bucketry.net

Dynmap – maps.bucketry.net