Void Rage – A Minecraft Skyblock Server Like You Have Never Seen Before

Welcome to Void Rage! A brand new Skyblock server with the player in mind. We are a user-centered server that consists of many features most big servers don’t have. We don’t have very many restrictions, and have a very flexible system. We have integrated a lot of popular items that bring a better and more enjoyable gameplay environment, such as Custom Enchants, Sell Wands, Sell Chests, Envoys, Money And XP Withdrawals, Stackable Spawners, Stacked Mobs, Faster Leaf Decay, mcMMO, Crates, plenty of vote links and lots of crate rewards, donor ranks, in-game money rankup ranks for those who aren’t able to donate, mobcoins, tokens, crop hoppers and the list goes on and on and we add more things every week with a consistant update stream! We are very open to suggestions and critism on the server, we try to stray away from p2w, but we do have donation perks, all of which can be obtained in game without even having to donate! Our rules are very straightforward, easy to understand and very laid back. We obviously cover most things like hacking, modding, and cheating of any kind, because that just makes the gameplay unfair and just isn’t work playing on a server where cheaters are abundant. So come on in and join us today! You won’t be disappointed! We run tons of sales, giveaways and plenty of events to keep you satisfied and engaged with our community. We hope to see you there, and until then you just have a wonderful day!

You can view our server store at: http://shop.voidrage.net/

You can join our Discord and engage with the community while you’re away from home! Join it at: http://disc.voidrage.net/

And make sure to read our rules thoroughly, they are important and well detailed: http://rules.voidrage.net/

So what are you waiting for? You new favorite server is waiting with great anticipation on your arrival!

Join it today at: mc.voidrage.net

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